Shiny Spot on the Internet!

Aside from the joy I truly derive from being a parent to two astonishingly wonderful kids, I’m most alive when I’m happily immersed in creating something…  Meals and desserts, a personalized gift, crafting a new “project” of some kind, drawing, inventing, writing, organizing events, cutting, gluing, sewing, scribbling and sketching, tinkering and dabbling.  For several years, I have even been taking pictures and videos (generally even in-progress through completion style) of my various artworks/crafts/foods, etc.  I have been doodling instructions and How-To’s in notebooks, and scrawling down healthy home-made  recipes on stationary/napkins/scrap paper… the latter usually following a “Write it down!” chant of Approval at the dinner table.  I have hundreds of photographs of pictures of my meals I’ve posted for friends and family on social networking sites, all with the intention of merely sharing my life with those known to me. 

I will now be compiling all of my How-To’s, Art, Food Photos/Recipes, Crafts (and more) in one shiny little spot on the internet… please come back for inspiration and tips, and to share yours!  I am working on a couple of fun things right now that I would like to post about “In-Progress”, and will also be continuously adding posts and videos about previously completed “Tabulated and Created” works. 

 Thanks for looking- I’m excited and honored to share it all with you!